We design and construct data centers providing service for them

We create data processing centers with high level of accessibility and zero downtime. We take on unusual tasks, transferring data centers or organizing instantaneous transmissions of the large volume of content from one city to another. Our specialists offer complex management services for the projects aimed at construction and modernization of data processing centers.

Creating and upgrading:

Consulting + design scheme + implementation + commissioning and report.

Corporate data centers

The data is stored on the internal servers of the company; at the same time, telecommunication and engineering infrastructure of the data processing center meet the concrete goals and business processes of the customer company.

Geo-distributed data processing centers

The whole data volume is backed up on several remote platforms. In case of an accident the main data processing center users switch to the backup, while the reliability of business is preserved.

Cloud data storage services

Decentralized storing and processing of the information in the external server system. We arrange telecommunication infrastructure and ensure safety of data preservation and transmission.

What does the notion of the ‘turnkey data processing center’ include?

Data center, as a rule, presupposes many months of work without clear ready decisions at the starting point. Working on a project, Medit Profi team deals with the following set of tasks.

We work out engineering infrastructure of the data processing center, find reliable providers and finalize:

  • Power supply of any category, including continuous power supply;
  • Cooling (cool/hot passage) and ventilation;
  • Firefighting machinery;
  • Structured cable system;
  • Data control and management system (SKUD) and video surveillance.

At the end of this stage we help our customer issue licensing documentation (electricity laboratory can be engaged if necessary) and launch the industrial exploitation of engineering systems.

We organize communication channels according to the tasks of the business, take into account potential increase in facilities and build in an opportunity of future scaling. This stage usually includes:

  • Connection of the main providers to the Internet;
  • Organization of the satellite communication channels, creation of the satellite teleports.

We have developed ready-to-use software aimed at analyzing the status of data center work and preventing emergency situations. The complex system of monitoring and security management includes:

  • Monitoring of engineering infrastructure.
  • Monitoring of IT infrastructure.
  • Network security, encoding communication channels.

If the customer company works with the vast groups of users, it will be appropriate to certificate data processing centers for preservation of personal data (Federal Law No. 152-FZ) at this stage. We help business undergo evaluation procedure and receive certificates necessary for meeting the requirement of the Federal Law.

We are ready to maintain data processing centers which we have created ourselves, and offer service and maintenance for the existing data centers as well. We guarantee its uninterrupted work at any stage, including increase in power, repairs and transfer of the key business infrastructure without stopping the working process.

  • 24/7 technical maintenance of the data processing center;
  • Providing training for the staff, selecting staff members for the customer company ensuringt he operability of the data processing center;
  • Creation of data backup systems;
  • Upgrading and expansion of the data processing centers;
  • Complex transfer (migration) of databases.

When a data center is created, the most difficult part is to make everything really work, and work transparently for the customer, in accordance with requirements specification. We take ultimate responsibility for creation of the data processing center, efficiently coordinate the work of providers and partners, give an account regarding requirements specification and budget without any surprises, and achieve results in scheduled terms.



Saint Petersburg State Unitary Enterprise Multiple-Access Computing Center of the Housing Services knows practically everything about the tenants. How many people are registered in each apartment, how much water, electricity and other public utilities they consume, how healthy they are, and what is their social status. Multiple-Access Computing Center calculates the cost of public utilities taking into account benefits, and sends the city inhabitants rent payment slips for already more than 30 years. Data center of the Multiple-Access Computing Center consists of three geo-distributed data processing centers: two of them are main – in Tchaikovsky Street and Rossi Street, the third one is arbitral – in Fontanka Street. They were constructed in the 90s and were for the last time upgraded in 2007. By 2017, it turned out that the data processing centers do not meet contemporary requirements of electrical safety. In case of possible emergency, downtime could last for hours, it could take weeks to finish the repairs. Disruption of rent charges threatened temporary loss of the data, recalculations and risk of their reconstruction in a last-minute rush.



To upgrade all the data processing centers belonging to the site of historical significance, not sacrificing by a minute the operability of the Multiple-Access Computing Center.


Step 1: Examining the infrastructure and preparing design documentation

We carried out a comprehensive analysis of the Multiple-Access Computing Center complex, its whole structure and engineering systems and prepared a project aimed at upgrading engineering and computing systems.

Step 2: Creation of the backup data processing center

We created a data processing center fully reproducing the architecture of the Multiple-Access Computing Center complex on the external platform and connected it by the optical fiber with the Multiple-Access Computing Center data centers. The tenants’ personal data reached the backup data center through the encoded channels in accordance with the Federal Law.

Step 3: Complex operations aimed at migration of virtual machinery and information systems data

To carry out repair works without letting the key business infrastructure stop, we created a parallel data processing center and, by communication channels, connected it to the working data centers of the Multiple-Access Computing Center. Through these channels we transferred data from Tchaikovsky data processing center to the parallel platform during process hours, then switched the main data processing center off, carried out repair works and upgrade of the hardware. After the repair works, the data was returned to Tchaikovsky center, and the same procedure was used in the Rossi data processing center.

This procedure is difficult not from the point of technology, but rather from the point of management. To work out the migration of thirty-year rent charge data, there is a need for highly qualified specialists in different fields.

Step 4: Demounting of the equipment and renovation of the facilities

It is quite complicated to transfer server equipment without losing manufacturer warranty. But we managed to do it. To demount the equipment in Tchaikovsky Street, we discharged the floor construction with the help of special frame designed to bear the weight of 6 tons, constructed antistatic floor and ramps with a certain angle of inclination. After that the premises were ready for renovation works.

Step 5: Installment of new engineering and security systems

We created cool and hot passages, air conditioning systems and uninterrupted power supplies based on Emerson equipment. Then we invited a partner company Volt to install modern power supply systems. The structured cable system is implemented on the basis of Hyperline equipment.

Step 6: The return of the prodigal data center

After all the engineering systems had been launched, data control and management systems, as well as video surveillance, monitoring and firefighting systems, had been installed, we stopped the equipment in the alternative data processing center and transferred it to Tchaikovsky Street. The same procedure was later used in the Rossi data processing center.


Today data centers operate in the framework of the contemporary infrastructure, reliable and safe. The level of power supply for the two main data processing centers is raised to the second category.

We continue to cooperate with the Multiple-Access Computing Center on upgrading information systems. The installment of the security system, monitoring systems and the backup customization are now carried out.


Examination of the infrastructure and designing part of the Multiple-Access Computing Center data center transfer took 6 months of intense work, the transfer itself and connection took 4 days.


LifeNews, a private TV company, began broadcasting in 2013 and closed in 2017. As with the parallel projects of notorious media holding, its DNA contained immediate reaction to the events and close contact with the audience. Moreover, the audience did not just consume content, but also created it. Petabytes of heavy video had to be broadcasted, transferred either between the editorial staff members or from one city to another, stored, processed and easily found if necessary.



To design the architecture of information systems and construct data processing centers for LifeNews TV company in Moscow and St Petersburg.


Step 1: Construction of the data centers in both capitals and in the cloud

We have constructed four data processing centers: two corporate centers for studios in St Petersburg and Moscow and two backup cloud processing centers, storing the data. We designed turnkey server facilities and while working on each data processing center, we ensured delivery and installment of:

  • conditioning systems based on Emerson equipment;
  • uninterrupted power supply systems based on Liebert equipment;
  • firefighting systems;
  • structured cable systems based on APC equipment.

In addition, we carried out the renovation of the facilities, installation of all equipment and commissioning of data centers.

Step 2: Reliable connection without losses

The communication channels between St Petersburg and Moscow providing connection with the data processing centers with minimal losses were constructed. Two highly reliable telephone channels between Moscow and Petersburg. And also one Ethernet channel and one standby Internet channel.

Step 3: Media Asset Management system

Cloud system for Media Asset Management was implemented in the Store Data data processing center. The editors used it to work on the issue together.


While other TV channels were only filming the site, LifeNews story was already broadcasted to another city.


Preparation and implementation of four data processing centers took a year.

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